Polar Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Polar is a recurring character in the Crash Bandicoot series. He is a polar bear mount who helps Crash though his adventures.


Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

Polar makes his debuted in this game. Crash attempts to jump on him and go though an artic search for crystals. He also appeared in the artic section of the warp room (which leads Crash to the Komodo Brothers).

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

Polar second appearance in the series was a brief cameo in this game's intro cinematic.

Crash Twinsanity

Polar briefly appears during the intro for the first boss fight. For some reason, Polar appears upset with Crash and is wielding a baseball bat. He was actually put there just as a joke by the game's developers.

Other Games

CTR (Crash Team Racing)

Polar's third appearance is his biggest role as a hero. He is one of the eight starting playable characters to defeat Nitrous Oxide in Crash Team Racing. He rides a light blue kart and is in the same class as Pura, Ripper Roo and (in some versions of the game) Penta Penguin.

In the game's intro, it was reavealed that Polar had a mini library of books. He was also seen reading one about driving on his kart.

Crash Bash

4 Polars appeared in the Polar push minigames in Crash Bash for the four challangers to ride on. To win the minigame, your character must push the others off the arena or deplete all their opponents health gauges.

Crash Bandicoot: A Huge Adventure (XS)

Polar again aids Crash in trying to outrun a giant polar bear during certain sections in the game.

Crash Nitro Kart

Polar was brainwashed by N. Trance and appears as a playable racer on N. Trance's team.

Crash Boom Bang

Polar had a cameo in one of the minigames and has an appearance similar to Pura.



  • His Crash Nitro Kart voice over is Debi Derryberry who also voiced Coco Bandicoot.
  • In Crash Twinsanity, Polar is able to stand on two legs.
  • Polar is only seen in the Bandicoot house scenes in Warped.

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