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Pippin was a member of the original Band of the Hawk. His weapon of choice was a Warhammer.



Some time ago Pippin once worked for as a miner prior to joining the Hawks.

Golden Age

When Corkus states that Guts can't join the Hawks, Pippin remains silent, and later at Judeau's orders he carries Guts from his perch on the castle to the other Hawks. Pippin is next seen opening the door to a small dock near the castle, accidentally pushing Guts and Rickert into the water. Three years later, Pippin grows his buzz cut into a smooth ponytail. On the battlefield, he is shown to be a powerful melee fighter, often spilling the brains and eyes of his opponents with single strikes of his war hammer. He doesn't comment much on court life, though when Guts asks the other men with him to deal with the women at the Hundred Years' War's after party, Pippin shows evident discomfort to having his muscles touched by the flattering women. Pippin is also among those who bid Guts farewell after the latter decides to leave the Hawks, though does not say anything on the subject. Not long after Griffith is sentenced to torture and the Hawks are to be picked off by arrows, Pippin yells for the Hawks to duck and escape.

One year later, Pippin is among the Hawks who remain alive and look for an opportunity to rescue Griffith. He welcomes Guts back with a smile and personally lifts the stone blocking the secret passage to Wyndham Castle, wondering for a brief moment whether he'll be able to fit in. He carries Griffith on his back in the Hawks' escape and strikes a loose stone with his war hammer to save them from the flamethrower of the Bākiraka.


When Griffith sacrificed the Band of the Hawk, Pippin received his Brand on his right forearm. He briefly used his Warhammer to fend off Apostle to save Casca's life, telling her to run before he was devoured by other Apostles. His hollowed out body is then seen being played with by the Count.


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