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The Pickruns are special living devices in the shape of keys in Fresh Pretty Cure!. They were used to give the girls the power to transform into Pretty Cure and later to power-up their attacks to their "Fresh" versions. In the movie Fresh Pretty Cure!: Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!?. The Pickrun transformed and allowed the Cures to be able to transform into Cure Angels. Cure Peach was the first to get her Pickrun, then Cure Pine and then Cure Berry.

There are four Pickruns, who later all get an extra transformation so the Cures can transform into the Cure Angels: the Pirun, which belongs to Love Momozono; the Burun, which belongs to Miki Aono; the Kirun, which belongs to Inori Yamabuki; and the Akarun, which belongs to Setsuna Higashi. In episodes 48 & 49, the four Pickruns transform so the Cures can transform into Cure Angels. At the beginning of the story, all of them had to search for their masters and combine with their cellphones so their master could transform into a Pretty Cure. As the story goes, the Pickruns can also give the girls other special abilities.

Powers and Applications

A Pickrun can merge with a cellphone and become a Linkrun. They remain in the Linkrun until called upon by Chiffon. When used in tandem with the Linkrun, a Cure Stick is summoned, giving the Cures the abilities to power up their attacks.

The Pickruns are vital to Chiffon's growth and development. With Pirun summoned, she can eat human foods. With Burun, she can wear clothing. With Kirun, she learns to speak. Akarun allows her to teleport herself with or without others.


  • This is the fifth set of fairy-like creatures in the series. The first are the Heartiels in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the second are the spirits in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, the third are the Pinkies in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and the fourth are the Palmins in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. Later, in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, their mascots were actually fairies while the Fairy Tones in Suite Pretty Cure♪ were considered fairies as well.
  • The names Pirun and Burun come from the Japanese pronouncing of the English words "pink" and "blue". Kirun and Akarun come from the Japanese words "kiiro" and "akai", which mean "yellow" and "red".
  • The Pickruns take after their masters' passions in terms of accessories:
    • The Pirun wears a chef's hat, implying Love's passion for food and cooking.
    • The Burun wears a crown and a pearl necklace, aluding to Miki's modeling dream.
    • The Kirun has "cat ears", as Inori wants to be a veterinarian like her father.
    • The Akarun wears a ribbon and has angel wings, foreshadowing Setsuna's change of heart.
  • The white Pickrun also have angel wings, referring to the Cures' transformations into Cure Angels.
  • The Pickruns are the first set of fairy- like creatures to help the Pretty Cure transform, following Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri from Heartcatch Pretty Cure and the Fairy Tones in Suite Pretty Cure.
  • " Pi " is for pink, " Blu " is for blue, " Ki " is for yellow, " Aka " is for red, " Ki " and " Aka " is the only pickruns that have Japanese names.


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