Phil Urich

Phil Urich as the heroic Green Goblin

Philip Benjamin "Phil" Urich is a Marvel Comics character whose first appearance was in Web of Spider-Man #125 by Gerry Conway. He once was the second person (after Harry Osborn) to use the Green Goblin identity as a superhero instead of a supervillain. He tries and fails to stop being a costumed hero, then he assumes the Hobgoblin identity and operates as a supervillain.


Phil Urich, nephew of Ben Urich of the Daily Bugle, stumbled upon one of Norman Osborn's old Green Goblin hideouts. Using a mask which delivered a 'zap' that gave him Goblin-level strength without the psychotic side-effects of the original Goblin formula, he gained enhanced strength and endurance. He tried to gain a reputation as a superhero following the death of Harry Osborn, son of the original Green Goblin. However, he was sometimes seen as being as maniacal as his villainous predecessors. His equipment was damaged during a battle against a Sentinel in the Onslaught crossover; Phil sacrificed his glider to destroy a Sentinel by ramming the robot in the head, but a fragment of metal ricocheted off the explosion and damaged his mask's circuitry. Phil was unable to repair or replace it and retired from being the Green Goblin.

He later formed a superhero self-help group with Mickey Musashi in order to prevent teenagers from becoming superheroes and aiding young former superheroes get over their pasts, attempting to convince them and others that their powers had damaged their lives. Phil suffered a mental breakdown after watching Chris Powell and Mickey share a celebratory kiss, having apparently convinced himself that he and Mickey had feelings for each other when she only ever saw him as a friend. He attacks Mickey and Chris and steals the Darkhawk amulet from Chris. The Loners join together to fight Phil, but a depowered Phil is able to escape with Hollow.


In the MC2 timeline, Phil Urich marries his girlfriend Meredith and becomes a forensic scientist and friends with Peter Parker. He is aware of both Peter and Spider-Girl's identities. Phil Urich resumes the Goblin identity, first under the name of the Golden Goblin, then as the Green Goblin with the assistance of Normie Osborn. After Phil lost a long series of battles, Normie recreates Phil's original mask, which grants him superhuman strength and other abilities, greatly enhancing his effectiveness. He is also a founding member of the New New Warriors.

While Phil originally required the technology in the Goblin mask to enhance his physical abilities and no longer has access to it, he retained one power that he is able to activate without the mask. Phil is capable of using his laughter as a sonic weapon of sorts. His "lunatic laugh" has been shown to disorient opponents and even shatter their eardrums. He once used the laugh while out of costume to defeat the Venom symbiote after it had taken possession of Peter Parker.

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