Pepita is one ir the two tetartagonists in the 2017 Pixar film, Coco, alongside Dante. She is Imelda's pet and Dante's love interest.


Pepita is an imposing alebrije who functions as a sort of spiritual guide for Imelda. She cannot speak, instead she can only make animal-like roars and noises.

Physical appearance

Pepita is a cross between a large cat (such as a tiger or a jaguar), an eagle, and several other animals, including teal ram horns and a striped iguana-like tail.[1] Overall her body shape is stock in the front and lean in the back. Her back is a deep blue that fades to emerald green across her body, while yellow highlights are scattered among this. Pepita's wings are red while her underbelly is orange, and she has eagle hindlegs with aqua-colored talons.

While visiting the land of the living, Pepita takes the form of a common house cat.



  • Pepita is inspired by Mexican artisan folklore, especially in the Oaxaca region.
  • Pepita's species, Alebrijes, are small figurines made out of paper maché or carved out of wood that represent mythical animal hybrids. Adrian Molina and the Pixar team came across these brightly-colored sculptures while doing research for the film and were immediately smitten with them.
  • Originally, the film's producers considered making Pepita a Xolo dog. But, from an artistic point of view, opting to make her an alebrije opened up all sorts of exciting possibilities.
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