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Pazu is the one of the main characters in Laputa: Castle of the Sky. In fact, he is the deuteragonist. He is a young boy who works as an engineer's apprentice. He looks up to his boss as a Father father figure because his real father died while trying to prove that Laputa was real after he successfully took a picture of the floating island. It is unknown, however, what happened to his mother. It is he who saves Sheeta when she falls from the sky. He takes her back home, and learns about her problem. It may or may not be true that he has a crush on Sheeta, and Sheeta may return those feelings of love. Together, along with the Dola clan of pirates, they find Laputa. Sheeta and Pazu, in the end, say the forbidden curse words that Sheeta's grandmother taught her, to destroy Laputa from the evil hands of Muska. They are miraculously saved by tree roots, and are last seen flying with Dola.


Pazu is a young boy with brown hair and apparently black or brown eyes. He is seen with a yellowish brown hat, and sometimes wears goggles.

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