Paul Carnovan is husband to Amanda Carnovan and father of Presley Carnovan.


Paul lives in Memphis. Presumably he and Amanda are divorced. He has made claims of being an archeologist, but his true activities are somewhat suspect. He once came to San Francisco to Presley. He promised to spend time with Presley the entire weekend. Though he actually stole the "Crown of Ramses".

Paul had made a deal with Scarab to steal the crown in return of money. He postponed the deal for a little while in return for more money. Then while he and Presley were enjoying their time together at a carnival, some Shabti's steal the crown. When they successfully delivered it to Scarab, Presley gets upset that his father lied to him.

Paul is able to redeem himself in his sons eyes, by removing the crown. Scarab retruns to normal. He returns the crown, and says his goodbyes to his son.



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