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Pandora Boxley is one of Death Jr.'s friends; later his romantic interest and ally in video games. Also had her own manga special.


Though not much is known of Pandora's background, she is based upon the cautionary legend of Pandora's box. Ms. Boxley's curiosity gets her and the group into lots of trouble, though she and DJ have always been able to claw their way out of it so far.

Quirky Goth

Though she's about the most normal person by far in her motley assortment of friends, Pandora nonetheless has a very distinctive personality. Curious, driven, and possibly autistic, Pan has an endless obsession with closed or locked things, and with getting them open. (She also was revealed to have been obsessed with blenders in her manga special.) There isn't much of an apparent rule about what she'll go after--it could be as trivial as being compelled to rip open a bag of chips, or as dire as being unable to resist opening a a mysterious container or door that might secreatly be the prison of a dreadful cosmic entity. For all of her neurotic, and often dangerous, behavior, though, Pandora is a sweet girl at heart. She is one of the few people who shows Stigmartha any affection, in spite of Stigmartha being a fallible coward with the grotesque habit of bleeding from her hands, she at least tolerates the Seep (unless he makes her really angry), and she is in love with Death Jr, who eventually fell for her, as well.


Perhaps through an innate gift, or perhaps through simple experience, Pan has become an expert locksmith, though this natually may not always be to her benefit. Pandora's notorious succeptability to temptation has led both to her being mocked by her peers, and her victimization at the hands of whatever terrors she might unleash, but both should beware, as she is not a good person to mess with. Despite being a mere mortal in a world of many more cosmic powers (or maybe because of it) Pandora has learned to hold her own in a jam. She often wields a fearsome serrated whip in combat, and also owns a Tommy gun, which she refers to as "her second-best friend." Even absent any weapons, Pandora has an array of martial arts skills to rely upon in a fight, which she claims to have learned from playing Street Fighter, and as such, is prone to calling out the names of some of her most potent attacks as she throws them. She has been a ghost twice; in this form her abilities were about what you'd expect from a ghost.

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