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As the Goddess of Light, it's my duty to protect humanity.
~ Palutena.

Palutena is the mighty goddess from the Kid Icarus series.

She is Pit's deitfic superior and closest friend.  She is usually giving Pit some helpful hints through her godly powers wether she isn't in her own palace or being kidnapped by Hades or Medusa.


Despite being a peaceful deity, Palutena can be quite a warrior herself.  Prime example is when she fought Pit while being under the mind control of the Chaos Kin. She is also responsible for giving Pit certain magical powers and weapons like Pit's five minute air flight.


She is usually wise and kind hearted, but there are times that Palutena can be playful, and usually teases Pit on occasion. She can also have the occasional thing about food, thus it could mostly make her hungry as well as it may make Pit hungry too.