Remember me? I'm Ben's kid!
~ Otis after defeating his nemesis Dag

Otis is the protagonist in the 2006 Nickelodeon comedy film, Barnyard, its video game, and the spin-off TV series, Back at the Barnyard.

He is voiced by Kevin James in the movie and its video game, and voiced by Chris Hardwick in the TV series.


Otis is a fun-loving cow who knows how to work guitars, cell phones, and microphones. He's glad to face his fears to save his friends, but when it comes to money, Otis is usually selfish and keeps it all to himself, but he truly has a sweet side and a bovine heart of gold.

In the movie, Otis has a truly rebellious nature with his father Ben and ignores him when he orders him to grow up since he'll become the new leader someday.

After Ben gets killed by Dag and his coyotes, Otis is a bit depressed and is elected the new leader, despite blaming himself for Ben's death. He then decides to leave the farm because he can't fit in with being a leader and that he will be unable to stop Dag and the coyotes from taking more animals from the barn.

Towards the end of the film, Otis avenges his dad's death by defeating Dag in his junkyard, rescues the kidnapped chickens, and accepts his promise to protect the Barnyard from danger.



  • Otis, alongside his father and the other male cows of the barn, has udders, which only female cows have in real life.
  • Otis has a superhero alter-ego, Cowman. whom has appeared in one episode and a TV movie.
  • The reason Otis and all the other male cows were designed with udders this in the franchise is because Steve Oedekerk figured that city folk thought that all cows would look like this.