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Background information
Origin Trolley Troubles (1927)
Hero information
Full name Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Alias Honey Bunny (To Ortensia), Oz (To Mickey).
Occupation Disney's First (First) Mascot until being taken over by Universal Pictures.
Powers / Skills Flies by spinning his ears like a helicoptor's Propellor.
Hobbies blowing up things with fireworks controlled by his remote(epic mickey series)
Goals To get revenge on Mickey Mouse for taking his popularity(formely),protect wasteland, To Save Ortensia the Cat.
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero anti-hero,Trickster,Arrogant Hero

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is Walt Disney's first creation before Mickey Mouse. He starred in a certain number of Oswald cartoons until Charles Mintz said no to any more cartoons, giving the rights to Oswald to Universal Studios. He was later bought back from Universal by the Walt Disney Company in 2006 and starred in his first official appearance from Disney in a long time: Epic Mickey, the videogame, in which he rules a place known as Wasteland; a place filled with things by Walt Disney that have been forgotten. In the game Oswald has a girlfriend name Ortensia, he has 420 kids, he is friends with Horace Horsecollar and animatronic versions of Goofy Donald and Daisy. The Mad Doctor used to be Oswald's friend until the Phantom Blot showed up making the doctor switch sides. In the game Mickey Mouse accidentally creates the Blot and basically destroying Wasteland by accidentally causing the thinner disaster. When the blot showed up Oswald and Ortensia put the Blot inside the bottle on top of Mickey's junk mountain. In the process the Blot caught Ortensia and made her into a statue. In the game Oswald is against Mickey believing it's all his fault that he is forgotten then is more angry when he discovers that Mickey caused the thinner disaster. Soon than Oswald accidentally released the Blot. But at the end Mickey saves Wasteland and Ortensia is saved and Oswald finally forgives Mickey.

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