The main protagonist of Moral Orel, Orel Puppington is a kid who sometimes take things for granted. As a result, his father Clay would spank him and correct him on his misdeeds.

Despite all that had happened, Orel is a completely pure kid.

He is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence, who is known for voicing Cindy Vortex from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob Squarepants.


Full Name: Orel Puppington

Alias: Orel

Gender: Male

Age: 12-13 years old and somewhere in mid 30's

Personality: Kind, naive, caring, smart, brave and pure

Skills: Making new friends and climb up high places

Family: Clay Puppington-Father, Blorberta Puppington-Mother, Shapey Puppington-Half Brother, Arthur and Angela Puppington-Grandparents (Both Deceased), Clark, Clinton, Clarence, Clancy,and Clondike Puppingtons-Uncles (All Deceased),Clarissa, Clementine, Clara, Clarice, Clea Puppingtons-Aunts (All Deceased), Raymond and Mrs. Hymentact-Grandparents, Modela Hymentact-Aunt, Lunchbox Hymentact-Uncle, Christina Posabule-Future wife, Un Named Puppington-Future Son, Un-Named Puppington-Future Daughter, Shapey Posabule-Future Brother-In-Law

Friends: Doughy (Ended), Stephanie, and Christina

Love Interests: Christina (True Love) and Stephanie (Crush)

Enemies: Clay and Ms.Censerdoll

Goal: To have a happy life

Fate: Moved out of the family's house and is happily married to Christina raising his new family




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