Team Plasma is broken into two different forces, one force that is still loyal to N and retains the same purpose and another force that is loyal to Ghetsis and serves a new purpose: to take over Unova.

For the villainous Team Plasma, go Here


This faction of Team Plasma is loyal to N, who reside in the house just above Driftveil Gym with Rood, Anthea and Concordia. Ashamed of their past deeds, they've vowed to make amends by taking in abandoned and abused Pokémon and finding kind and caring trainers for them. They openly welcome the player into joining their cause to help stop Ghetsis, and to help take care of the abandoned Pokémon. As such, Rood gives the player N's Zorua, deeming them a caring trainer. They also confront the new Team Plasma at the Giant Chasm and help hold them off so the player can enter the Plasma Frigate. The player can also find N's Pokémon in various locations after witnessing a Memory Link.


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