Nymph is an "Electronic Warfare Angeloid Type Beta, is one of the characters from the Heaven's Lost Property series who mysteriously appears in Tomoki's house to bring Ikaros back to the Synapse.


She is condescending toward humans, whom she refers to as "bugs". She was originally sent to return Ikaros to Synapse. However, because she is less powerful than Ikaros, she was unable to do so. Her master later implanted a bomb within her collar, designed to explode after the green bars on it disappear, which was later disabled with help of Tomoki and his friends. She soon develops feelings for Tomoki and later confesses to him. After the Gamma Angeloids attempt to kill her, she betrays Synape and assists Tomoki, later moving into his home. Her wings were torn off by the Harpies, but they regrow when she accepts Tomoki as her new master. However, in her delight at having her wings regrown, she forgets about the imprinting process and finds it extremely difficult to broach the subject to Tomoki. By her own admission, it is not a difficult task, but she feels embarrassed enough to eventually back out of asking. Eventually, Nymph asks Tomoki to allow her to Imprinting on him, but he refuses, saying that he wants her to live freely.

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