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Nutka is Tut's best friend from ancient times. The two of them loved pulling pranks on people, especially their friend Kapta. After Tut was mummified, Nutka kept scamming people and lost more friends. When he died, his punishment was to spend eternity as a ghost without a soul and to never be allowed into the Afterlife. When Tut cheated Isis, the goddess of wisdom, in a game of Senet, she sent Nutka to show Tut visions on his past, present, and future (a la A Christmas Carol). To help save his future, Tut played Isis in a rematch of Senet. When he lost, it turned out the real test was to see if he would cheat; since he didn't, he was safe from Nutka's fate. For helping Tut mend his ways, Nutka was freed as well and was granted entrance into the Afterlife. Nutka is voiced by Jason Marsden.

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