Nok tok
Nok Tok is the thild Pipling to be introduced in the in TV show, Waybuloo. He is a wise elder of the group and loves to make and mend things. He is an expert problem solver and the other Piplings often turn to him when they need help.


Although sometimes stubborn, Nok Tok is quite philosophical in thought, and very inventive and pratical. He has his own workshop where he keeps his prized Pipling tools. His beloved creation is his Anything Machine, which literally make anything and solve any problem. He also owns the Nok Tok naracar. The naracar was built from wood, logs and leafs(with the help of the Cheebies) which helped the other Piplings move there stuff from one place to another. His yellow pod is between De Li and Lau Lau's pod.Nok Tok loves to build things and solve problems.


Nok Tok is a bear with a blue body with slightly tanned skin. He has a little patch of spiky bits on top of his head which resembles hair and wears a yellow t-shirt. He also has a little tail and big brown eyes.


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