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Noel Otoshiro (音城 ノエル Otoshiro Noeru) is Seira Otoshiro's little sister. She was mentioned by Kī Saegusa on That Rocking Girl is the Dream☆Girl and made her actual debut on Lalala☆★Rival.


Noel is a student from Raichi Hoshimiya's neighbor class.


Noel has long light red-brown colored hair worn in pigtails and bright orange eyes. She is shown wearing yellow.


Noel is a nice girl who's sometimes shy when first meeting people. She looks up to and gets along with Seira, but feels lonely sometimes since she doesn't see her very often. She's close


  • Her sign is Capricorn.
  • Coincidentally, her birthday falls on Christmas Day.
    • At the same time, her name means Christmas in French.
  • Noel is also the first character to have more than one seiyuu.
  • She is a cute-type idol, and her preferred brand has been indicated to be Angely Sugar.