Nobuo Akagi
Nobuo Akagi is AkibaRed, the leader of the Akibarangers.


He is an average (if very delusional and eccentric) man working at Sasaki’s Ponpoko Delivery Services. He is already 29 years old, and he still loves Super Sentai. Lately, he has also been getting into the anime “Z-Cune Aoi”, to the point where he got guilt-ridden for attempting to buy a Great Five toy after seeing Aoi merchandise, namely a cardboard cutout.

His legs are trained from running around for his delivery work, but unfortunately, being a messenger, his body isn't trained for battle. With years of Super Sentai knowledge, he easily sees through the weaknesses and strategies of monsters, as well as see the cliches the villains make. He is described to be a "virgin" in recent information released about him.

He excels in the "delusion power" that powers the Akibarangers in combat.

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