Nicole Spears (ニコル, Nikoru) is a main character in the animated series, BeyWheelz.

A determined and lively girl, Nicole Spears was invited to join Team Estrella by Sho and Jin. A junk food addict, she battles with her Spike Gash Striker and is a skilled and unique Wheeler.

Physical Appearance

She appears to be a small pale skinned girl with blue hair and brown eyes that seem calm. She wears a white and pink shirt with blue jean shorts, long socks, brown boots and a dark, brownish-pink belt.


The word energetic can be used to generalize Nicole's personality. She is the type of person who sets out to accomplish a goal with no regard for planning or strategy. She, like many Wheelers, harbors a fierce love for BeyWheelz, especially the competitive races she usually enters. However, she does not like co-operating with others, only working with Marche when it became clear that she would lose otherwise. Nicole is a great racer in the Beywheelz Grand Prix.




  • Spike Gash Striker: Nicole's only know BeyWheel. It is based on the Striker-series of Beyblades used by Masamune Kadoya from the Metal Saga.

Special Moves

  • Thunder Lancer: Striker attacks head on with its horn, charging it with electricity and piercing through the opponent.
  • Fusion Tornado (with Marche): Striker and Aries spin in slipstream formation where their special moves combine to make a powerful tornado, knocking away any bey that comes their way.






Sho Tenma & Jin Ryu (Tag w/ Marche) BWZ05 Lose
Gigante & David (Tag w/ Marche) BWZ07 Lose
DavidStingGlen and J ake (tag w/ MarcheGigante, and Covey) BWZ13 Win


BeyWheelz: Powered by Beyblade


  • Nicole can be viewed as Masamune Kadoya's counterpart due to their similar impulsive personality and they enjoy eating snacks (e.g: potato chips)
    • Nicole also resembles Madoka Amano.
  • Her last name, Spears, may be a reference to Striker's spear-like horn.

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