The New B-Fighters (新ビーファイター Shin Bī Faitā?) were four individuals from the New York head office, South American, Peking, and Paris branches of Cosmo Academia who used the Insect Commanders (インセクトコマンダー Insekuto Komandā?), a variant of the Command Voicer that stored their Neo Insect Armor which activated when they inserted their respective data card and shouted "Chou Juukou!" ( Chojuko!, Super Heavy Shell!?). They consumed most of their power to destroy a crystal Mother Melzard had that ignited detonators inside various humans. Afterwards, their Insect Commanders merged with the Geist Axe in the finale.

See also

  • Astralborgs, their counterparts from Beetleborgs Metallix

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