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The Nega Nebulus is a Legion (the Black Legion) under the leadership of Kuroyukihime also known as the Black Lotus. The main goal of the legion is to defeat all "Six Kings of Pure Color" to become level 10 and figuring out who created the Brain Burst game.


Nega Nebulus was one of the seven Legions that were led by a level nine Burst Linker, a King. It was led by the Black King, Black Lotus.

However, Black Lotus killed the first Red King, Red Rider and because of it, she went into hiding effectively disbanding Nega Nebulus.

However, after returning, she recreated the Nega Nebulus once more recruiting Silver Crow, Cyan Pile, and Lime Bell as new members. They are currently trying to obtain more territory and regaining their status as one of the Seven Great Legions.

The Black King




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