"The Strong Adventurer! Bouken Yellow!"

Lemurian Princess Lilina (レムリア人姫リリナ Remuria-jin Hime Ririna), although mainly known as Natsuki Mamiya (間宮 菜月 Mamiya Natsuki), is the Strong Adventurer Bouken Yellow (強き冒険者ボウケンイエロー Tsuyoki Bōkensha Bōken Ierō) of the Boukengers.



Real name is Lilina, Princess of Lemuria. Natsuki is completely attached to Masumi Inou and met him long ago, when she was trapped under a rock in some ruins. The weight of that rock left her with amnesia. Natsuki is a rookie member of the Boukenger team.

See also

  • Ronny Robinson - Her counterpart from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
  • Mack Hartford - Backstory elements used for Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


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