He is a groundskeeper at the Starlight Academy.


He sometimes helps Ichigo and Aoi with problems, and gave Aoi his rare Aikatsu cards from Futuring Girl. Though he cares about the students of the academy, he has no interest in them, as he thinks they're all just kids. He's secretly the vocalist of More Than True on the side while maintaining his groundkeeper job. Aoi mentions it for the first time in Episode 7. He often gives words of advice to Ichigo and the others to help them on their journey to becoming top idols. He uses Kirakiratter under the name Nao. Earlier in the series Ichigo and Aoi believed that Otome had a crush on Naoto but in the end, she was only interested in his necklace.


  • It seems that only Ichigo knows who he really is, however in later episodes Aoi and Ran find out who Naoto is.
  • He has an older sister who is intersted in everything idol related, much like Aoi. It could be that his sister is Tiara, because he mentions her in an episode when told about Mister S.
  • Aoi first mentions More Than True in Episode 07 - Beware the Blog

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