Naoto is the main character of Atakaripushi.


Naoto has short black hair,a plain white shirt, brown-grey pants, and dark blue-grey shoes.


He is often depicted as being stoic, or apathetic towards most others, possibly due to the tone of his dreams, or as rather moody, on the flipside sometimes he's depicted as a "cool" character when around others such as Yon Goh/No. 4.


Not much is known about his past, and even after the ending it is a bit unclear, but Naoto could not even be real, or at the end he realizes he is just part of a TV show/Videogame, explaining why his effects turn to TVs, and the "deletion" of his room and himself at the end of the game.


  • Some people relate Naoto to the Persona 4 character Naoto Shirogane due to their connection to TVs, and their name.

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