Namor the Sub-Mariner is an anti-hero in the Marvel Universe.


The half human half Atlantean ruler of Atlantis, Namor was the result of the romance between Captain Leonard McKenzie and Princess Fen of Atlantis, Namor was raised by his mother's people to be their weapon against the surface world, who they viewed as enemies. At the age of twenty, Namor was sent to attack New York after he misinterpreted two divers as invaders, and would continue to plague the surface until a policewoman (and his first true love) Betty Dean convinced him that someone like him should use their powers as an ALLY of humanity instead of an enemy, since the U.S. had just entered World War II.

Inspired by her words, Namor began to aid his former enemies, even becomign a founding member of the WWII predecessors to the Avengers, the Invaders and the All Winners Squad. In the mid fifties, Namor had his memories erased by a rogue psychic named Destin, and became a vegabond, until an encounter with the Human Torch restored his memories, and he has since flip flopped between either ally or enemy of the surface world, but continues to bring aid to either domains whenever he's needed.


His mixed bloodlines making him a mutant, Namor possesses the following powers:

  • Super Atlantean strength, agility, and reflexes
  • Limited invulnerability
  • Flight via the tiny wings on his feet
  • Longevity
  • Aquatic telepathy (formerly)
  • Aquatic animal mimicry (formerly)




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