Nakanishi Sisters

Kendou (Left) and Kyuudo (Right)

I've got just a little bit closer to Sis's level... I think
~ Kyuudo

Kendou and Kyuudou Nakanashi are recruitable characters in Big Bang Age and playable characters in Big Bang Beat and Big Bang Beat Revolve.

The Nakanishi sisters are a pair of students that have a strong sense of justice. Annoyed by the way Seijou Academy is being run, they team up with Rouga Zanma in order to fight against Agito of the Dark. Kendou is the more outspoken of the two sisters, and is always looking for a good challenge, while Kyuudou is extremely soft-spoken and hesitant. However, as a team, they are all but unstoppable.


Kendo the old sister who have a strong coincidence in her skills. A hard worker, trains regularly. Kendo loves her young sister, Kyuudo. Kyuudo the young sister, shy and bashful person. Though less confident than her sister, she still practices her archery.


Kendo’s special ability (Unconfirmed) but it assumed it is kind of light element. In BBB, Kyuudo's BBB unlike in BBA, she charge up to fire flaming arrow as Big Bang Break.

Kyuudo’s special ability (Unconfirmed) for some weird reasons to hard to tell what kind of special ability Kyuudo has. She can awaken her special power which to use ice with her arrows if she lose her sister, Kendo in BBA only.


  • Kendo continues to practice with "kendo" since she was little child and she always feel better after practice.
  • In BBA, All Kendo club members hardly want to spar with Kendo. Because she is too strong for them.