Mumble is the son of Memphis and Norma Jean, the husband of Gloria, the father of Erik and the main protagonist of Happy Feet and the deuteragonist in Happy Feet Two. He is voiced by Elijah Wood as an adult and E.G. Daily as a chick.

Mumble is an emperor penguin who can't sing. He can only Tap dance. He is known as tap dancer, and eventually becomes Gloria's husband.

At the graduation party, Mumble's friend Gloria sings for everyone, but when Mumble tries to join in, he gets chucked out. A leopard seal chases him far away to where the Adele Penguins live, where he befriends a misfit club call the Amigo's, who are led by Ramón. The Amigos can sing songs well, but they Lovestone's, instead of singing, which they fail at. Mumble encounters the humans, and the Amigos advise him to talk to Lovelace, a guru penguin. Lovelace has plastic rings from a six pack around his neck, which he claims the mystic beings gave to him. Mumble then returns home, but after embarrassing himself in front of Gloria leaves. Mumble tries to find the humans, but gets put in a zoo, where his tap dancing attracts world wide attention, when he is released into the wild, with the humans stopping over fishing. He then mates with Gloria and in Happy Feet Two, has a son named Erik.



  • Ironically, Mumble's VAs Elijah Wood and E.G. Daily are actually very talented singers.
  • Originally when becoming an adult, Mumble was meant to have full plumage. However, late in production, it was decided for Mumble to keep some of his chick plumage to make him unique among the other adult penguins. Though some Happy Feet books feature Mumble with full adult plumage.
  • Mumble is similar to Rudolph
    • Both have a trait that the other members of their species don't have (Mumble dances instead of singing whilst Rudolph has a red nose).
    • Both are treated as outcasts because of this trait.
    • Both have a love interest, who don't treat them like an outcast (Gloria and Zoey).
    • Both are eventually accepted by the other members of their species.