Background information
Origin Marvel Super-Heroes #13
Hero information
Full name Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Alias Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Warbird, Binary
Occupation Avenger
Powers / Skills Fighting Skills, Flight, Super Strength, Energy Blasts.
Hobbies Spending time with his friends
Goals Protect the world and the galaxy and arrest who is against the laws
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Super Hero

... You're not monsters. You're the best chance those kids have. Which is why you have to keep trying to make a difference. No matter how hard it gets.
~ Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) is a super heroine from the Marvel universe.


Carol Danvers was the oldest child and only daughter of her family, Carol finally decided to defy the sexist views of her father and join the Air Force after graduating high school. Reaching the top of her class, Carol was named the head of the Cape Cod division of NASA, where she met and befriended the Kree superhero Captain Marvel. Eventually, Carol was captured by Mar-Vell's nemesis, Colnel Yon-Rogg, who intented on using her as bait to lure the space born hero to his doom.

During the fight, Carol was exposed to the energies of a Kree Psyche-Megatron, which was a sort of alien Comsic Cube, turning thought into reality and giving all the power of a Kree warrior. Developing a split personality as a result, Carol became the superhero, Ms. Marvel, wearing a feminized version of Mar-Vell's red and dark blue uniform, and fighting cirme. Eventually, the Ms. Marvel personality was destroyed, leaving Carol with the Ms. Marvel powers.

After a brief membership in the Avengers, Carol lost her powers to a then-evil Rogue, and replaced them with energy based abilities, going by the name, Binary. During the House of M event, Carol regained her original Ms. Marvel powers, and has taken up the name once more.

Powers and abilities

Due to her genetic altering, Ms. Marvel possesses superhuman strength and speed, mild invulnerability, flight, and from her time as Binary, energy absorption and redirection.


Easier said than done, buster, because even with my back against the wall -- I don't give up!
~ Ms. Marvel

There is only one thing I want to do more than crush that moonstone and snap your neck... I want to see you redeem your self.
~ Ms. Marvel



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