Mrs. Potato Head is a minor character in the 1999 golden globe winning Disney/Pixar movie Toy Story 2 and one of the main characters in it's 2010 Oscar winning sequel Toy Story 3. She is an egg-shaped character and the wife of Mr. Potato Head and adoptive mother of the Little Green Men.


Toy Story 2

The day after Christmas, Mrs. Potato Head is seen with the other toys before Andy prepares to take Woody to the car. After Woody is taken by Al McWhiggin, she is left alone. She is a rather cheerful character and is eager to adopt three Little Green Men when she learns that Mr. Potato Head saved their lives. Mr. Potato Head has found her lost earring. Before her husband leaves with Buzz and his troops, she stores his "extra pair of shoes and angry eyes" into his back compartment. She is later seen singing with the other toys when Woody is returned home

Toy Story 3

Mrs. Potato Head portrays One-Eyed Betty. Later, she knows her eye is lost. She and the other toys are donated to Sunnyside. Days later, she and her husband have their body parts scattered by the toddlers. Lotso gets angry that the toys are out of the caterpillar room, so he sends his men to arrest her and the other toys. Later, she and the other toys are confronting Lotso until they are almost incinerated in the power plant. Little Green Men used an actual claw to save her and the rest of the toys. Back again, she is donated to Bonnie.