Mr Mackey New
Drugs are bad. Mmkay?

Mr. Mackey is the school counselor on South Park.


Mr Mackey is usually depicted as being socially awkward and out of touch with children. His most noticeable traits are his balloon-like head and his habit of ending each sentence with "M'kay?".

Mr Mackey tried teaching the children about drugs, but after bringing in a marijuana sample, it mysteriously goes missing. Mr Mackey is then fired for supplying drugs and turns to alcohol to forget his problems. After being evicted from his landlord for not paying the rent for days and how he got fired from his job for selling drugs to children, he then turns to acid and marijuana and becomes a lazy hippie. A hippie girl catches his eye and they start taking drugs, doing fingerpainting and having sex. While travelling through India with his new girlfriend, Mr Mackey finally finds a bliss that he never would have found in his previous straight-laced existence. Unfortunately, he's kidnapped by special forces and forced to go through rehabilitation. Mr Mackey then goes back to being an awkward stiff.

Mr Mackey develops a budding romance with Ms Choksondik while the two are teaching sex ed. Despite Mr Mackey forgetting his sexual experiences with his last girlfriend and Ms Choksondik being an ultra-conservative prude, they start having wild unprotected sex. When Ms Choksondik gives Mr Mackey oral sex, she chokes on his semen and dies. A fitting end considering her name.

Mr Mackey is normally composed and softly spoken, but after losing his father to Tooth Decay, he begins to become a lot more aggressive. He writes a play for the Kindergartners to act in, only to lose his temper when Ike, who was in the role of Tooth Decay, skips the country. He then forces Kyle to take Ike's place and starts yelling at him for even the most minor mistakes. After Tooth Decay was defeated for real, Mr Mackey was so relieved he let the children go home after completing only one act.

In "PC Principal Final Justice", he reveals that he was the one who got Principal Victoria fired. He hates her because she used, abused, and never listened to him for 18 years.


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