Moop is the moon spirit that, along with Foop, can call forth Pretty Cure's upgrade accessories. He appears in episode 24 and has some connection to Michiru. He can also channel his power through Flappy to allow Saki Hyuuga to transform into Cure Bright. He always ends his sentences with "-mupu". The Kiryuu sisters once rescued Moop and Foop from a falling tree at the Fountain of Sky.

Moop is a green, leg-less creature with big circled wings, emerald eyes and a hot pink-red orb at the end of its tail. On its forehead is a yellow ball-like image with a small heart in the corner. HOLY SHIT POKEBALL GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I WANT THIS CUTE ASS LITTLE THING AND FOOP TOO THEN ONE MORE ILL NAME IT POOP AND GOOP.


  • Moop is one of the 10 mascots capable of flight (i.e Flappy; ball form, Choppy; ball form, Foop, Syrup, Chiffon, Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri and Coupe; presumably when he was younger.)
  • Moop along with Foop, Tarte, Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, and Hummy have no other form.
  • Moop and Foop seem to know about Flappy's crush.
  • Moop, along with Foop, are the very first mascots that have no legs.

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