Mona The Vampire
Background information
Origin Mona The Vampire (TV Series)
Hero information
Full name Mona Parker
Alias Mona The Vampire, Mona

Vampire Girl

Occupation Vampire Kid
Powers / Skills Intellect & Vampire Sense

Hand-to-hand combat


Hobbies Conquering the strange paranormal
Goals To save her town on a daily basis.
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Kid Hero, Vampire

Mona Parker (simply known as Mona the Vampire or Mona) is the titular protagonist of the original animated television series of the same name. She is a cute, young and tomboyishly beautiful 10-year-old girl, and despite her cuteness and beauty, she has a vivid imagination who believes her hometown is overrun with supernatural monsters and she plans to stop them all and save the town on a daily basis.

Her alter ego, Mona the Vampire has a "vampire sense" which tingles every time there is something foul in the air. Together with her two friends Princess Giant and Zapman, they solve some unlikely mysteries. She dislikes cleaning her bedroom and would rather be battling her arch nemesis, Von Kreepsula. Mona has a cat named Fang, who is her trusted sidekick. She has a talent for breaking spells.

Physical Appearance

Mona has brown hair with two red bowties on the top of her head. She wears a black calf-length skirt, yellowish-white camisole, matching panties, white dress shirt and a red long-sleeved sweater. She also wears white socks and brown shoes with dark brown laces. As a vampire, she wears a purple cape with a black bowtie and yellow and green flowers on it, black hair with five stretched hair parts with red and yellow bowties on them, white fangs, brown knee pads and purple eyemarks around her eyes.


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