Momma Render

Momma Ida is a supporting protagonist in the 2015 Disney/Pixar film, The Good Dinosaur. She is Arlo, Buck and Libby's mother and Poppa Henry's wife.

She is voiced by Frances McDormand.

About Momma Ida

Momma Ida is a loving, quick-witted, smart, motherly, kind-hearted and caring wife and mother. She is also a hard worker with a lot of love for family.

She also seemed to be angry when she tells Buck to "get back to work". After Buck bullied Arlo, Ida ia present with her husband and Libby, when her husband scolds Buck.

She also had a emotional personality after the death of her husband.

She didn't appear in the rest of the scenes until Arlo reunited with her, and Libby and Buck.


  • Momma Ida is the third Pixar characters to lose her spouse, second being Carl Fredricksen and first being Marlin.