Molly (full name: Molly Davis) is Andy's younger sister. She appears in the Toy Story film series.


Toy Story

Molly is playing with Mr. Potato Head whom Andy placed, thinking it is a jail. Andy takes Molly during his birthday party. Later, she is seen in Pizza Plant in her stroller with Mrs. Davis. She later hears Timon and Pumbaa's signature song Hakuna Matata when Woody and Buzz are reaching the car.

Toy Story 2

Molly has a slightly minor role. She is only seen when Andy and her mother are leaving.

Toy Story 3

Molly is a younger girl who has a Barbie doll. She has yellow hair and is able to speak. Molly donates her Barbie doll to Sunnyside and is told by Andy not to use his laptop. Molly later appears near the end of the film.