Hibimo Niria

Mirai Hibino (ヒビノ・ミライ, Hibino Mirai?) is the human form of Ultraman Mebius who comes from Nebula M78. This identity was created by Ultraman Mebius himself. Like his earlier predecessor Ultraseven, Ultraman Mebius created this human form based on a human, but unlike Seven's human form, his was based on a human he had failed to save in space named Ban Hiroto. Impressed by the sacrifice made by Hiroto to save his shipmates, Mebius decided to copy his form just like Ultraseven did decades earlier. When he eventually met Hiroto's father, Captain Ban, who was the commanding officer of the ship Hiroto saved and was now an old man, was disturbed by him but wished for him to make friends in his son's place even though he refused to associate with the Ultra. After defeating a lesser bogal, the old man came to fully understand that the young Ultra was trying to honor his son's bravery and gave his blessing for Mebius to stay in his form.