MirageGaogamon is the Mega level of Gaomon in Digimon Data Squad. He change to MirageGaogamon Burst Mode.

He is voiced by Skip Stellrechtin the English Version.


MirageGaogamon is covered in Chrome Digizoid armor and has the Digital Hazard sign (the same four triangles which are on Guilmon) on his chest.

Digimon Data Squad

Gaomon Double Warp Digivolve to MirageGaogamon and ShineGreymon and Rosemon then defeated BioThunderbirdmon, Quetzalmon and Stegomon.

MirageGaogamon is able to defeat Nanami's digimon form BioLotusmon when Thomas's plan allows him to get BioLotusmon at pointblank range.

Famous Battles


  • Full Moon Blaster:
  • Double Crescent Mirage:
  • Gale Claw:
  • Meteor Shackle:
  • Final Mirage Burst:
  • Luna Hook Slasher: