Mipple is the Princess of Hope from the Garden of Light. She, like Honoka, is generally more reserved than her male counterpart and warrior, Mepple. Who she shares a "Lovey-dovey" relationship with. She resides predominantly with Honoka, and ends all her sentences with "-mipo" in the Japanese version.

She is pale/light pink colored with bright pink markings and Dark crimson eyes. The end of her tail is heart shaped.


Like Honoka, Mipple is very reserved and formal, but also very patient and kind. Taking any problem to come her way with a smile. Due to her motherly nature, Mipple often talks with Honoka when she feels sad or in need of advice, and also is the one to comfort Pollun during one of his tantrums.

It is possible she is the smarter of the two mascots, as Mipple acts very mature and often comes up ideas between the two.


  • Mipple is the only fairy mascot who has a boyfriend.
  • She is the first mascot not to have a round-shaped head.
  • She and Mepple are the first pair of mascots who have a shape at the end of her tail. For Mipple being a spade, or an upside-down heart, which Mepple said is one of the Prism Stones. The pair is followed by Flappy and Choppy.
  • In the German dubbed version of Futari wa Pretty Cure, she and Mepple share the same voice actress, but they sound distinctive different.


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