Millhiore Firiano Biscotti
Millhiore Firianno Biscotti is the 13-year-old Princess and representative suzerain of Biscotti Republic with a gentle and hardworking personality.


Millhiore is a cute girl with long pink hair and purple eyes. She also has pink dog ears and tail, wears royal-like clothes. Her hair is short in front and long in the back.


As the representative leader of the nation, she is loved by everyone in the nation. She is also a singer at the same time, holding events and concerts and appearing in person in front of everyone despite her status.


Millhiore is the one who summoned Shinku to Flonyard in the first place by sending Tatsumaki to open up a portal on Earth while Shinku attempts to jump off from some heights in school. It is revealed later that she picks Shinku because she had been star-reading Shinku's performance in the iron athletic competition.

Powers & Abilities

Millihi is the owner of Holy Sword Excelide, one of the Treasure Swords pair of Biscotti Republic. However she is yet to awake the sword until being attacked by Rouge in the full battle against Galette.

  • Holy Saber: A combination move with Cinque. With Cinque and Millefi respectively wielding Palladion and Excelide, they simultaneously fire off a large holy-energy blast.

She can use her Emblem Arts to grant Harlan flight ability.


  • Millhiore is quite similar to Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny since both have long pink hair and are both singers and of high status in their country.
  • In episode 9 of Dog Days, Millhiore is wearing an armor that has a striking resemblance to Saber's armor of Fate/Stay Night.
  • Millhiore makes an appearance on Nendoroid Generation.


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