Barnyard - Miles
Miles is a mule who is a friend of Otis' late father, Ben in the movie Barnyard and its video game. He is voiced by Danny Glover.


Miles is the oldest and wisest animal in the Barnyardand he tries his best to keep a LEVEL head. Besides Pip, he is sometimes the animal whom Otistalks to for advice. After Ben's death, Miles, in a way, took over as a father-like figure for Otis.

Miles would like to meet Sam-Mule L. Jackson (a parody of Samuel L. Jackson).

His general is keeping Otis out of trouble, maintaining the peace, and reading. His favorite SONGS are "Donkey Schoen," "Muled Around and Fell in Love," "Mules Davis," and "Thelonious Mule." His favorite film is Mule for Love. His favorite television series is Mule and Grace. His favorite book is Don Quixote ("Donkey-Otie"). His favorite hero is Donkey Kong.

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