Miki Hoshii (星井 美希 Hoshii Miki) is a character in THE iDOLM@STER video games and anime series.

  • Voiced by: Akiko Hasegawa
  • Age: 15/16
  • Height 167 cm
  • Image Color: Fresh Green
  • Image Songs: "OVERM@STER" , "Shocking No Kare" , "Day of the Future"
  • Personal Song: "Relations" , "FuruFuru Future" , "Omoide Wo Arigato"



Miki has rarely had to work hard for anything. It is because of this that she always approaches tasks with a very laid back attitude. She manages good grades with minimal effort, and was born with good-looks that belie her age. She even receives around 20 confessions of love per day from boys. She's grown up in a very laissez-faire family, who had no problems with her becoming an idol. While she doesn't really have cruel intentions, she believes like everything else, she can make her way to becoming top idol easily.


Miki gets a long fairly well with everyone, though sometimes her out-ward personality can cause others to waver with her, since her personality will make her sound too mean while she speaks her mind.


As she appears only in the Xbox 360 version of the game, Miki is in some ways the second main character (behind Haruka) and her character is developed considerably over the game's year-long timespan. Later in the game, she cuts her hair short and no longer dyes it blonde. Originally, Miki wasn't supposed to be in the game (as seen in the promo). This could be why she does not appear in anime spin-off Idolmaster: Xenoglossia. In the PSP games, Miki is unsatisfied with the way she is being managed, and switched to another production company, '961 Production', as a member of the group 'Project Fairy'. Her personal song was at first Relations, but it was later changed to 'Overmaster' upon her switching to 'Project Fairy'. In the Xbox 360 port, she shares the image song Omoide wa Arigatou with Chihaya Kisaragi. She is the only idol in the 360 game not to appear in Idolmaster: Xenoglossia. Miki grows her hair at the front in iDOLM@STER2.

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