Miki Hatori

Miki Hatori is a supporting protagonist in the manga/anime series Kekkaishi. She is is Masamori Sumimura's second-in-command, and Vice Chief of the Night Troops. She is often accompanied by her aide, Higurashi. Though rarely seen early in the story, her role is expanded as she becomes more involved with the Kekkaishi (Yoshimori and Tokine in particular).

She is voiced by Kazuki Murayama in the Japanese version of the anime and Michelle Ruff in the English version.


Hatori is a capable commander and able to anticipate Masamori's feelings and orders, even in his absence. Though she can be imposing, she has a maternal side, and often displays concern for her subordinates and comrades. Though she is impressed by Yoshimori's power, she tends to see him as Masamori's little brother and tries to keep him from harm