Artwork from the The Young Ones.

Full Name

Mike "The Cool-Person"


Mike, Strange Man, etc.


Vyvyan, Rick, Neil




The Young Ones


None in particular


None in particular

Type of Hero

Cool Person

Played by Christopher Ryan, Mike was the odd-one-out of the four. He is the assumed leader of the group, despite his diminutive size, and does not involve himself in the battles between the other three. He makes puns, which are either deliberately cheap or humorous but over-celebrated.


He frequently utters confusing, profound-sounding phrases which baffle the others (for example, in the episode Flood when asked by Rick if he stole his apple, Mike replies "Well, if you're gonna sin you might as well be original.") Mike is supposedly the ladies' man of the bunch and brags about his prowess with women, although he is shown to share his bed with an inflatable Sex doll and once almost admitted his virginity to the others in "Nasty". He makes every attempt at wooing the opposite sex, being quite forward and unsuccessful.

Mike shows on several occasions he is quite immoral, and is a bit of a con artist. Its implied on several occasions he's either bribing or blackmailing (or possibly both) his teachers and university Dean, thus explaining why he never goes to the lectures. On one occassion he tried to sell a nuclear bomb which had fallen into there house, by auctioning it off in "Bomb."

Mike acts as the leader of the group, although they all argue and generally don't like each other, they all genrally accept Mike as there leader and follow him when he makes dessions. It is normally him who comes up with the plans to get them out of whatever mess they are in. Of the group Mike gets along best with Vyvyan, the two rarely disagree. Although he noramlly doesn't get involved with the conflicts in the house, never the less makes attempts to keep peace amongs the group. He normally takes the role of the straight man amongst them, and is often portrayed as the both the brightest and most close to earth, normally acting (in some form) as the force of reason.