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Mikako Satsukitane is one of Tomoki's friends and one of the main protagonists of the anime and manga series, Heaven's Lost Property.


Mikako is a big, tall young woman, with dark purple hair and she is pretty sadistic. She is an upperclassman to Tomoki and Sohara and the president of the Student Council. She is Eishirou's childhood friend, whom she refers to as "Ei-kun," and the heiress of a Yakuza family. She is manipulative, a genius intellectual, cunning, highly intelligent and sadistic, usually towards Tomoki. In the manga, she is forced to take supplementary lessons due to "failing in morals". She is also equal to Sugata in terms of combat abilities. However, Nymph states that she has a grip power of 400 kg, which serves to indicate she has a great degree of strength, especially for a normal human. She is the chief mastermind of many schemes in the manga, and Sugata normally enlists the help of Tomoki (and occasionally some others) by persuading him to totally shut down her plans. Many of her schemes are directed to Tomoki, serving to put him in undesirable situations and humiliating him, which suggests she sees him as a toy for her personal entertainment. She is also extremely lucky, since Sugata once mentioned that Mikako once struck gold simply by digging a hole, and oil as well.

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