It's almost tea time! Care to join me?
~ Mii Kouryuuji

Mii Kouryuuji is the main protagonist and one half of the original Main characters of the Upcoming Triple Threat Crossover, Project X Zone. A high school student with a hot temper and a bit of a selfish personality. From a young age, she trained with a monk on how to use a giant gun called the Dragon Jewel and the Purple Pot pistol. She also has guns on her two boots, known as Tiger Heels.

Crosspedia Entry

Koryuji Holdings is her family's company. A high school student and cheerleader. The Koryuji line have been monks since feudal times, and have been active behind the scene throughout history. Mii has a cheerful personality, but is also a little short-tempered and can be selfish. Although she would never admit it, she also a has a bit of a crush on her tutor, Kogoro Tenzai. She has been trained in the monastic martial arts since she was small, wielding a transformable long barreled gun called the "Dragon Jewel," the multi-shot "Purple Pot" and four shotguns built into the heels of her shoes called "Tiger Heels". Her vocabulary can at times be a little dated.


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