Mia is the titular main protagonist of the series of Mia and me. She is twelve years old , and after the death of her parents is measured by the difficulties of living in the dormitory of her new school . One day, Mia discovers an old book her father left for her that they used to read together when she was small and a bracelet .She puts it on and the label on it tells her to say "I am Mia ." On doing so , she finds herself directed into a world of unicorns and elves . She is transformed into a very pretty elf with pink hair and a pink dress. She meets the clumsy  Pan Phuddle , the dainty unicorn Lyria , the handsome Prince Mo ansd the daring warrior Yuko. Everybody in Centopia is happy and full of life, all except one species- An evil queen Panthea, who wants to steal the ivory horn of a unicorn, in order to gain immortality , her general Gargona and the monculeus army .

During the series she becomes friends with Vincent and Paula  in the reality world but in Centopia she starts to fall in love with Mo. Lyria also gives birth to the adorable flying unicorn with a golden horn , Onchao , after his birth, Lyria is taken prisoner by Gargona and is assumed dead, but, in episode 25, she is found alive and in last episode,released ,after Onchao re-made the other unicorns horns.



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