Metamorpho 010
Even before he was the Fab Freak of 1001 Elements, Rex Mason was already a thrill-seeking daredevil, hoping to one day prove himself worthy to the love of his life, Sapphire Stagg. But Sapphire's father, corrupt businessman Simon Stagg, belived that his daughter was too good for any man, decided to kill Rex. Sent to Egypt by Stagg, Rex was accompanied by Simon's literally neanderthal sidekick, Java, who himself was in love with Sapphire, and was promised her hand if he killed Rex. Rex's mission seemed easy enough; find the fabled Orb of Ra, and return it to Simon. But Java attacked Rex, and left him in the Orb's tomb, hoping that the Orb's radiation would kill Rex. But in typical comic book fashion, Rex was instead transformed into the multi-colored superhero, Metamorpho the Element Man, able to transform all or parts of his body into a different element. Originally hating his freakish appearance, Rex was forced to seek Simon's help to return to normal, but eventually accepted his form, and has since married Sapphire, and spawned a son with her


Metamorpho has the power to become any ancient or periodic element (i.e. iron, carbon, hydrogen, gold). He can also stretch his body, and change his shape.

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