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Merli (メルリ / Meruri) is the winning name for the contest to find the name of the elder sister for Aoki Lapis.



Much like her sister Lapis Aoki she is based off a "Magical Girl" and is also a fairy. In contrast to Lapis' her design is darker.

Character Traits

Her official profile says, "She's strong-minded and tsundere; she's a charming mysterious girl, who is innocent and changing the facial expression all the time. She's basically naive, but so innocent that she usually pretends to know everything.". If Lapis can be seen as "light" then Merli would be "dark".

Her race's concept as fairies is that they are a special race who can convert “songs” into “power” that can only be seen by a subset of the human population. Merli's power draws away energy of living things; the opposite of Lapis' power.


She is named after Merlinite (メルリナイト / Merurinaito) a type of stone known for its dual light and dark appearance.


  • Lapis Aoki; Younger Sister


Much like Lapis, a lot of the marketing around Merli has been centered directly on the fans.

Wall scroll

A wall scroll of Merli and Aoki Lapis has been produced.


Aoki Lapis and Merli have been used to release chocolates for Valentine's Day 2013.

Additional information


  • Merli and Aoki Lapis are the first two Vocaloids confirmed to be siblings.

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