Background information
Origin Pokémon
Hero information
Full name Meowth
Alias The Scratch Cat Pokemon
Occupation Thief, criminal, Team Rocket Agent, Gang member
Powers / Skills Robotics, great intellect, razor-sharp claws, speaking the human language (unlike any other Pokémon), lightning attacks (possibly, other Meowths can use them)
Hobbies Scheming and tricking
Goals Fame and fortune, Capture Pikachu, To please Giovanni
Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Cat, Thief, On & Off Anti-Hero

Meowth is a normal-type Pokémon from Generation I. It evolves into Persian at Level 28. Meowth also has an alternate form in the Alola region, which is Dark-typed.052Meowth-Alola

In the anime

Tyson Meowth-1-
Excluding the Meowth from Team Rocket (who is one of the antagonists in the anime), Tyson owns a very unique Meowth with boots.

Similar heroes

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