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The Mega Voyager

The Mega Voyager is a Megazord formed from Mega V1, Mega V2, Mega V3, Mega V4, and Mega V5 from Power Rangers In Space. After Andros managed to obtain a set of key cards from Darkonda, the Power Rangers discovered the location of the Mega Vehicle Zords and they used these zords to form the Mega Voyager. It was capable of launching part of Mega V3 as a missile to destroy monsters and joining with the Mega Winger's wings to gain the ability to fly and use a powerful rocket attack. Aside from the Mega V3, the Mega Voyager could also use the Astro Megazord Saber and fire four lasers from its chest plate. The Mega Voyager was weakened by Super Ecliptor and eventually destroyed by Tankenstein.

Mega Vehicles

Mega V1


Mega V1

The Mega V1 is the Mega Vehicle of Andros, the Red Space Ranger, and is modeled after an astronaut. It has a set of missile batteries on its shoulders and a jet pack with the "M" symbol of the Space Rangers on the sides. Mega V1 forms the torso, waist, and upper legs of the Mega Voyager. At first, Andros had trouble piloting it, but managed to stabilize eventually.

Mega V2


The Mega V2

The Mega V2 is the Mega Vehicle of Carlos Vallertes, the Black Space Ranger, and is modeled after a space shuttle. It forms the head of the Mega Voyager.

Mega V3


The Mega V3

The Mega V3 is the Mega Vehicle of Theodore Johnson, the Blue Space Ranger, and is modeled after a rocket. It forms the abdomen and lower legs of the Mega Voyager and a missile weapon for it as well.

Mega V4


The Mega V4

The Mega V4 is the Mega Vehicle of Ashely Hammond, the Yellow Space Ranger, and is modeled after a UFO. It has two laser cannons on its wings and forms the chest and arms of the Mega Voyager.

Mega V5


The Mega V5

The Mega V5 is the Mega Vehicle of Cassie Chan, the Pink Space Ranger, and is modeled after a lunar rover. It forms the feet of the Mega Voyager.

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