Red Meg

Meg and a Red Djanjo

Meg has red hair (although in her first appearance chronologically in episode 14: "Wild Kids", she is portrayed as having black hair due to the monochrome setting) and dresses like a cowgirl. She carries a small revolver, and, at times, a large anti-tank rifle. Meg is highly prone to be captured, only to be rescued by Jo. She is the very best of friends with Jo and is 100% loyal only to her. Also, Meg was once an orphan in New York City with several other children until she encountered Jo. Since then, Meg and Jo teamed up and became bounty hunters. The other children appeared to have been adopted by a police officer. After she finds out Jo's origin, she feels that Jo should no longer fight. Jo however knocks her out and leaves her jacket to her. At the end of the series, Meg makes her way to the ruined RAPT HQ and sees Jo's scarf hanging on a piece of debris. Meg then says her final goodbye to Jo. The final scene shows Meg in Jo's outfit, in a scene very much paralleling the beginning of the opening titles, only with a Red Django behind her.

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